DD Palmer examined his spinal column and looked at the área in which Harvey had felt a bone move and heard a snapping noise. DD started to reason that maybe the bone in Harvey’s neck had moved out of place causing a misalignment of the spinal column and subsequently caused the hearing loss. Palmer convinced Harvey to let him put the bone back in place.

Palmer applied a force and had heard a noise as the bone moved back into place. Within a few days Harvey Lillards hearing was restored and Chiropractic was born.

Chiropractic is a relatively new profession. Yet it is based on principles that are 1000s of years old and within a very short time Chiropractic has become the worlds largest natural healthcare profession.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew that within the human body there was an internal force constantly striving towards life and this inner intelligence has a power to heal and cure the body. They knew that the spinal structure played a key role in health, human potential and the healing of the sick. In Fact Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, said look to the spine first for the cause of sickness and disease.

During the great Renaissance men and women of wisdom spoke of a vital force that organized and controlled all human function. They spoke of how this force had the ability to heal us and keep us at our maximum human potential. Doctors of Chiropractic call this internal force innate intelligence.

Yet despite all of this knowledge it wasn’t until September 18, 1895 that DD Palmer put all of this ancient wisdom into practice by discovering a scientific system of adjusting the spinal column to allow this vital forcé full expression within the organism.

DD Palmer became very aware of the power of the bodies innate intelligence to strive for life. To maintain the body in harmony and equilibrium He started to understand how the innate utilized the human nerve system to control, coordinate and regulate all human function. He grew to know that the spinal column is what protects the main channel of the nerve system, the medulla.

Scientifically DD started to understand that due to chemical, emotional or physical stress the spine could mis align causing what he referred to as vertebral subluxations. He reasoned that these vertebral subluxations could go undetected by symptoms yet could cause major dis-harmony and dis-equilibrium to the human body on all levels.

DD Palmer soon realized that he had perhaps made one of the greatest discoveries regarding health, human potential and the healing of sickness and disease. The Discovery that vertebral subluxations are a common occurrence throughout our lifetime and that specific spinal adjustments can keep the bodies nerve system free of interference. This in turn enables the brain to control, coordinate and regulate all human function at its maximum capability. This also allows for maximum expression of life and healing to take place.

His son BJ Palmer very soon thereafter took Chiropractic and started to delve deep into the philosophy, science and art behind it. He started to teach and create an organized, recognized profession. Chiropractic is now the worlds largest natural healthcare profession on the planet.

Chiropractic is a profession based on the premise that your body is self healing, self regulating and self controlling. It is an organized, intelligent system. The human nerve system is the main system of communication and the intelligence within utilizes the human nerve system to maintain all human function.

The spinal column is the main protector of the medulla which is the lifeline of all nerve energy flow from the brain to the body. Any misalignment of vertebrae ( vertebral subluxations) will cause an interference to the brain body communication system. This causes dis-harmony, dis- equilibrium and lack of ease and energy on a cellular level.

These vertebral subluxations have a detrimental effect on health, life and human potential. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only trained professionals in the world that focus 100% on locating, analyzing and adjusting vertebral subluxations so your body can express its maximum potential on all levels.

There are over 80.000 Doctors of Chiropractic worldwide and many countries have schools and laws in place at this time. Millions utilize Chiropractic on a regular basis as part of their life enhancement programs.