We can assure you that your first visit at Vida Chiropractic is the start to a new life.  You will become more aligned, functional and start living more to your optimum potential.
We are exited to introduce you to the world of Chiropractic with a very interesting 30-40 minute interactive talk in which we explain exactly how we can help you in our office.
All questions will be answered at this meeting.
After ward you will have your first spinal neural check up by a certified Doctor of Chiropractic. We use a very specific system to check your spine for vertebral subluxations including instrumentation, motion palpation, and analysis of the spine.


If we find a vertebral subluxation you will then receive your first Chiropractic adjustement and be given a very specific plan of care designed for you to receive máximum benefit from our services.


If you have any question or doubt feel free to contact us by phone or mail at anytime